Team Corner Escrow


Powered by Passion

Our team is comprised of the most highly skilled and experienced escrow professionals in the business, with the driving force of our success coming from the passion we have for our craft. The desire to provide the best service with expert guidance for our clients sets us apart from our competition. We have worked with clients purchasing or selling residential resale, vacant lots, mobile homes , wineries, apartment buildings, commercial properties and businesses, and understand the importance of the financial and emotional decision for our clients on each and every transaction we oversee. Additionally, having offices in four different counties provides us a diverse understanding of the Southern California real estate marketplace.

Executive Team

  • Rigo Diaz
    Rigo Diaz Founder
  • Katie DiCaprio
    Katie DiCaprio Chief Marketing & Operations Officer
  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Vice President of Trust Accounting & Administration
  • Ani Allen
    Ani Allen Finance Operations Manager
  • Sandy Lopez
    Sandy Lopez Trust Accounting & Administrative Executive
  • Brittany Garcia
  • Eddie Tanamachi
    Eddie Tanamachi  Branch Manager  Senior Escrow Officer
  • Christy de La Torre
    Christy de La Torre Senior Escrow Officer
  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores Senior Escrow Officer
  • Christine Westgarth
    Christine Westgarth Senior Escrow Officer
  • Chris Folsom
    Chris Folsom Senior Escrow Officer
  • Tiana O’Mara
    Tiana O’Mara Senior Escrow Officer

Laguna Niguel Sales Team

  • Keir McKnight
    Keir McKnight  Branch Manager  Senior Escrow Officer
  • Jennifer Underwood
    Jennifer Underwood Branch Manager/Senior Escrow Officer
  • Natalie Arellano
    Natalie Arellano Escrow Officer
  • Cindy Cope
    Cindy Cope Escrow Officer
  • Lisa DeWitt
    Lisa DeWitt Account Executive
  • Gracie Jaramillo
    Gracie Jaramillo  Branch Manager  Senior Escrow Officer
  • Lynne Davis
    Lynne Davis Senior Escrow Officer

Beverly Hills Sales Team

  • Donna Szmurlo
    Donna Szmurlo  Branch Manager  Senior Escrow Officer
  • Joni Fontaine
    Joni Fontaine Senior Escrow Officer

Laguna Beach Sales Team

  • David Ozuna
    David Ozuna  Branch Manager  Senior Escrow Officer
  • Vesna Kopac
    Vesna Kopac Escrow Officer
  • Alison Oddo
    Alison Oddo Escrow Officer
  • Erik Ogunsanya
    Erik Ogunsanya Account Executive
  • Stacy Cope
    Stacy Cope  Branch Manager  Senior Escrow Officer

Laguna Woods Sales Team

  • Ashley Bowman
    Ashley Bowman  Branch Manager  Certified Escrow Officer
  • Anne Hamai
    Anne Hamai Escrow Officer
  • Melanie Crouch
    Melanie Crouch ESCROW OFFICER

Tustin Sales Team

An Escrow Team You Can Trust

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